Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden

i am the only person who makes videos

  • Cupcake Fidget
    Cupcake Fidget

    I love dhar man he is not just telling stories he’s changing lives

  • TheNamesLemon

    Wait… if you zoom in can’t you see the credit card number? I mean I can’t but maybe someone else can

  • KlimaMT

    I am guy now

  • Cobra K1NG
    Cobra K1NG

    Some of the older ones actually have some substance and are decent stories so basically there was a decline in video quality when they started using the kids for all of them instead of adults

  • Kristina Pence
    Kristina Pence

    George Carlin quit being funny in 1984. I'm 50 and seen ALL SNLS. seasons 42 through 46 ARE the BEST. 38-41 are really good.


    Kids bop RULES

  • Cameron Mattingly
    Cameron Mattingly

    One of Mr Plinketts favorite film series.

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson

    Saving 4:51 forever

  • A Random Individual
    A Random Individual

    Did…did Drew (Longhorn, not Gooden) wear a shirt to a pool party?

  • stacia zweig
    stacia zweig

    the yellow gown the twin brother is wearing isnt even for patients its an isolation gown for healthcare workers

  • Snacky McGoo
    Snacky McGoo

    Drew = leftist.

  • Cosmo

    My favorite was the "sex is good one" because it perfectly sums up my sense of humor.

  • Gunjan Bisht
    Gunjan Bisht

    Drew can't whisper

  • King Z
    King Z

    3:24 did you say family

  • Hailey

    drew PLEASE do a review of the three pitch perfect movies

  • Ace Sparks
    Ace Sparks

    What grace?

  • hooman squish
    hooman squish

    5:22 “it’s 3am im not opening that” 😂

  • Simon Chesney
    Simon Chesney

    I love the fact that you are wearing a shirt promoting the contortionist. I'm going to send this video to them

  • Anti-Mattering

    Flashbacks to the Family Dollar show.

  • NH 201
    NH 201

    drew im sorry but i cant watch all of this i really dont want to listen to this guy chew gum right in front of a mic

  • Beastman64

    Me during the video: *laughs in broke*

  • Sannin Legends
    Sannin Legends

    I like trains.

  • turdferguson2

    Dude terrorized New York City with a giant elephant

  • Duckkels

    Now we know Dasha is the reason we have technology in school

  • Chee Buu
    Chee Buu

    6:58 oh god.. I felt that

  • Demonic Cat
    Demonic Cat

    Chad on top, you don’t know anything

  • NH 201
    NH 201

    "i have about 4 megabits of ram in my brain" same

  • kimieatsu

    Ooof watching this during the pandemic. I forgot that this happened…

  • Beastman64

    Minecraft ISnets’s be like ITS MINECRAFT BUT!

  • BobShark

    That hail the sun sweater.

  • Beastman64

    dantdm has recently (actually not that recent) became a father and with that we didn’t see his child every video and we weren’t being show his child all the time he even said himself that he can make a choice when he is old enough so uhh yeah

  • Chris Boutselis
    Chris Boutselis

    They look like the same person

  • Dante Emmett
    Dante Emmett

    I like Dhar Mann’s videos, but the criticism for him makes a lot of sense. I think Life Lessons with Luis is even better.

  • Nala Lewis
    Nala Lewis

    I DO have nipples on my ankles and IM PROUD OF IT!

  • Akhillez

    Got bad news Drew, Moon pod is actually running advertisements on cable tv now, god help us.

  • gαιαがいあ


  • I will steal Brady and lock him in my basement
    I will steal Brady and lock him in my basement

    “Kids bop released their first album in 2001 and was the second worst thing to happen that year” That’s dark…

  • valiyzf600

    Do some research first : Wanda Sykes - first woman of color late night host...+ she is gay ! And Wanda is actually funny. The only reason she did not last is the amount and quality of competition in the segment in that period and networks didn't "go woke" yet and didn't push a second season because of things that should not matter, like melanin pigment or sex. View count was the only thing that counted. Well...go woke go broke I guess. BTW what over 14 year old person found Lilly funny ?

  • Kenneth Kourt
    Kenneth Kourt

    He sounds a lot like an excited Chills.

  • 月野 うさぎ
    月野 うさぎ

    My favorites (not doing anime cause I’m gonna get made fun of) Hulu: Bob’s Burgers Netflix: The Office HBO Max: don’t have it haha Disney+: Actually super hard but I choose The Simpsons Don’t remember what else is an option

  • Finn 64
    Finn 64

    If I had a dollar for everytime I watched this video, I'd have enough money to buy a month of whatever Drew's trying to sell us this time.

  • Grace Bosley
    Grace Bosley

    The first time I saw Dhar Mann on snap I thought “this will be a Drew Gooden video”

  • Beastman64

    There not your neighbors kids…..

  • Blueberry_3ffect

    Revisiting this video in 2021 is hilarious. How much TikTok has evolved. Used to be the joke of Social Media. Now other medias are dying & Tiktok continues to get more popular. Not to mention hundreds to thousands of quality content creators.

  • Revamped Flame27
    Revamped Flame27

    i use a ad blocker so no ads.

  • joenn smiththth
    joenn smiththth

    Its a Saturday night fever spoof! It's hilarious.

  • ♡Z.O.E.Y♡

    No but for real- his vids are good and nice ✋ if you don't like then stop the bullying I don't mean to say words that make you sad or mad

  • john d. Rutherford
    john d. Rutherford

    Jesus was resurrected

  • Dingle

    Best show on Apple TV + is Central Park; from the creators of Bob’s Burgers. I’m not kidding.

  • QuesoCucuy

    1:36 Did they misspell entertainment or can it also be spelled like that?

  • 月野 うさぎ
    月野 うさぎ

    IMO The Lonely Island was the only good period of the show lol

  • Dakawan S
    Dakawan S

    THank's Drew now I get Dhar Mann video suggestions.

  • magikal

    i watched this video and instantly regretted it

  • luvlost

    the little kid makes it for me lol

  • Skullduggery

    There's skyrim music in the background?!?!?!?!

  • Anna L
    Anna L

    Acting is the same quality as "a talking cat?!?"

  • Poypeeto

    Drew, I'm the littlest stinker, but I'm also the biggest stinker; so what does that make me? I'm confused on the size of stinker that I am

  • Kevin

    I think that SNL has a bad reputation because everyone likes the sketches from when they were teenagers, and teenagers are decidedly not watching cable TV anymore.

  • Timothy Pyle
    Timothy Pyle

    Snapchat bad is true

  • Amanda Yuen
    Amanda Yuen

    My best friends brother bought a PS4 on their moms credit card after he broke their old one. I could never.


    I swear that kids acting was better then the moms

  • derekbattt

    i literally just got a hooked ad on ur vid…….

  • Maxatrillion Fatstacks
    Maxatrillion Fatstacks

    Delocated on adult swim has the most perfect and insane ending of a comedy show that I've seen.

  • bloom

    "The Mandalorian/Wanda Vision is the best show on Disney Plus" Loki: I'm about to end this mans whole career.

  • Ryan

    23:08 dude is also wearing a clip-on tie with the top button down..

  • scottpilgrim920

    Dexter is more of a sequel to American Psycho than American Psycho 2, right down to referencing Patrick Bateman in the first season. Also, American Psycho is an absolute masterpiece!!

  • Daniel Crawford
    Daniel Crawford

    Did anyone else notice that Mike Wazowski changed into lightning McQueen?

  • S . Storumus
    S . Storumus

    Now that F9 is out, we now know what Vin Diesel was brainstorming in his live video. When he was saying “we maintain the integrity of the Fast saga” he meant going to space

  • pinkeyed_ pikachu
    pinkeyed_ pikachu

    I have a mouse named mouse.. i feel personally attacked

  • worrywort

    The Elon Musk episode is funny in a Lynchian way and I stand by that

  • bloom

    that's the real reason chucke cheese went bankrupt. Too many rats dying in front of the children

  • CyberWing 375
    CyberWing 375

    ok that FBI most wanted joke was very funny

  • Pacho Thompson
    Pacho Thompson

    Yes you can get them for the day you get to work on your own and I will be sure you can come by tomorrow if I wanna is a time to be there and then leave it would like you want me me and you and then go to the park or I wanna was the way you want to die I love ya and you know what you wanna see you tomorrow love ya I wanna ya got to be like my dad is your time and you can always get it to be my god you love me and I wanna was a great time and you were

  • Pacho Thompson
    Pacho Thompson

    5:48 why would you think that would work?

  • Brad Seltzer
    Brad Seltzer

    Drew, i think it's time for you to try out all those shoes that make you jump higher (moon shoes, kango boots, etc.) and see which one is the best

  • Maryam Keraif
    Maryam Keraif

    the music at 8:19 gave me sekaiichi hatsukoi flashbacks