The Death of Laugh Tracks
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  • aesthetic asmr
    aesthetic asmr

    the criteria for your comment getting pinned differs so much in every video that every comment is insane for like the first 2 minutes

    • Caio Rezei
      Caio Rezei

      I honestly thought I was insane reading your comment, turns out it's just my dyslexia acting up and I read half of it out of order.

    • Grea Blood
      Grea Blood

      I’ve always said that about whoopass

    • Celestial Snail
      Celestial Snail


    • Chaitra K. S
      Chaitra K. S


    • Snowleopard 0
      Snowleopard 0


  • The reb-jedi Show
    The reb-jedi Show

    Not enough people here know about letterkenny and it shows.

  • Wil Decker
    Wil Decker

    Lack of talk about Seinfeld or Scrubs, two of the most popular tv comedies ever seems odd to me. It’s also weird to compare Friends to any show, like the Big Bang theory, that uses fake laughter since Friends actually had a live audience 95% of the time and rewrote jokes during shooting based on the audience reactions. Drew didn’t make that distinction in the last video about this either which is kinda disappointing and screws the results.

  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik

    Don't shock me that HIMYM is lowest considering how at times it's as much of a drama as a comedy show. Also filled with music and stuff.

  • Jazbo_14

    A show with a great mix of comedy and emotional storyline was Scrubs. What was really interesting about that show though was how far the shifts would take. In one scene you would have a completely crazy JD dream sequence and the next it would be about Brendan Fraser dying. But what was really interesting was that it never felt forced.

  • Jazbo_14

    I remember ,about 10 years ago, I had grown sour to Friends. Loved it when I was younger. And then someone started watching it as it was recently added to Netflix (or something like that) and I was pleasantly surprised that it was still pretty funny. So I took that as a sign that I should check out TBBT. As I had not even watched it. Gave it a shot and through 3 episodes (maybe 4 or 5) I quietly chuckled once. I still do not 7nderstand the appeal of that show.

  • TransAm4Ever

    Basically every Chuck Lorre show is pure garbage

  • Cresc Endo
    Cresc Endo

    My girlfriend got angry at me for pointing out laugh tracks in The Big Bang Theory, and I don’t blame her. Once you recognize it, you can’t ignore it.

  • Jonny Smart
    Jonny Smart

    15:00 “hi, I’m depressed” thanks drew you caught me off guard there 😂

  • Matt Graller
    Matt Graller

    Oh, man, The Work Outing (IT Crowd S2E1) is a crowning achievement of comedy. The entire episode just builds and builds and builds and gets funnier and funnier until it just totally explodes at the end.

  • Holly

    if you want shows like that, with the juxtaposition you need to watch more British shows e.g. gavin and stacey also friday night dinner which has a lot less emotion but it actually hilarious

  • Wilhelm Hans Müller
    Wilhelm Hans Müller

    When I was a child, I acted like little Sheldon, maybe I was a genius

    • Pascal Simioli
      Pascal Simioli

      Considering TBBT and Young Sheldon are tv shows about smart people written for stupid audiences I hardly doubt that But hey who knows I'm just a guy on the net

  • Malkatrix musik
    Malkatrix musik

    It's hard watching himym after watching something that actually feels like real people watched it and laughed, sometimes they use the same stupid laugh track two times in a row, and it's just too similar not to notice

  • Alejandro Macias
    Alejandro Macias

    Putting the big bang theory ah against Malcolm is the same as taking a chihuahua against a Jaguar… overkill it’s an understatement

  • E L
    E L

    Tom being a dick to Gregg in Succession is some of the funniest television I’ve seen.

  • David Dee
    David Dee

    Really gotta watch Schitt's Creek from the beginning.

  • social coder
    social coder

    Parks and Rec is awesome. No laugh track, every character is so unique, jokes are well thought out, and the show has heart and moments to connect deeper with the characters.

  • Clay Sproule
    Clay Sproule

    How why and what

  • uri the man
    uri the man

    Friends with literally filmed in a studio audience

  • jimmy bluebos
    jimmy bluebos

    IT Crowd shows that canned laughter can still work. The Big Bang Theory does not.

  • Velocity Delta
    Velocity Delta

    I actually like laugh tracks, I dunno why. Like even if I find something hilarious I can't laugh without prompting, even in real life, so I guess I'm odd.

  • Nick Urbahn
    Nick Urbahn

    Did we address that it’s not a laugh track on friends but real people Laughing because it was filmed infront of a live audience

  • Caio Rezei
    Caio Rezei

    "The Big Bang Theory [...] - the Smash Mouth of sitcoms." - GOODEN, Drew. HOW CAN HE BE SO RIGHT? THAT'S SO RIDICULOUSLY TRUE THAT IT HURTS!

  • Caio Rezei
    Caio Rezei

    Who is Dick Wolf? Why, he's the genius that produced, directed and starred in the first one minute and a half of this video. An icon. A legend. The one and only Dick Wolf.

  • Guiiotario

    Wtf ur talking about your name is drew gooden

  • Finn Crossan
    Finn Crossan


  • Molly

    i want to know what drew thinks of always sunny

  • Olivia Gregory
    Olivia Gregory

    Schitts Creek is the best show ever

  • TheLaughingSquirrel

    Character: *exists* Laugh track: it’s my time to shine

  • Emily Kaylin
    Emily Kaylin

    i love parks and rec so much

  • Durkle Georgeson
    Durkle Georgeson

    my favorite laugh tracks on a show are the Hanna barbera scooby doo episodes

  • Cameron Clendaniel
    Cameron Clendaniel

    Mash is a good show to compare laugh track vs no laugh track. When they are in the operating room, there is no laugh track, while the rest of the show has one. I personally think the scenes without the laugh track are better.

  • Natalia Montelongo
    Natalia Montelongo

    Maude and The Golden Girls worked fantastic because the actors were masters of timing (Bea Arthur was exceptionally fantastic) they knew when to let the joke breathe and stablish a pace. The other thing was the brilliant writing that many sitcoms lack today.

  • Sin Talento Producciones
    Sin Talento Producciones

    I feel like me and my friend's nerdy conversations while playing games would seem like comedy gold to the hypothetical Big Bang Theory studio audience. Like: -yo i got a Bane of Arthropods ll Netherite sword in the piglin fortress *(STUDIO AUDIENCE ERUPTS IN MANIACAL LAUGHTER)*

  • Anthony

    CBS sitcoms especially Lorne Michaels shows tend to get the audience going. They will definitely reset if a joke didn't get the reaction they wanted. Then if it still didn't land they will dub fake laughter over it. A show that while funny (from a nostalgia standpoint at least) that had an issue with just letting jokes flow naturally was Reba. Especially, during the later seasons. You would have scream laughing going on for what felt like a minute straight. Another show that would have a similar issue was Married with Children. Every time a character would enter the set they had to stop for five minutes it felt like because there would be cheering from the audience. All they would do was enter.

  • Jose Noriega
    Jose Noriega

    Big Bang Theory is only good (for me) in very small doses.. I watch an episode or two and i am done.. I start getting annoying by the poor joke writing cuz its mostly (seriously) nerd said nerdy thing nerdily.. Yup. But i do personally enjoy the one or two episode.. Its like junk food entertainment.

  • TheOgreMan

    I’m so used to laugh tracks that they don’t really bother me. I understand the criticism of their existence, but honestly that’s not really what determines whether or not I find a show entertaining. I make that choice myself

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford

    Here's the thing about laugh tracks: if the show is actually good, YOU are the laugh track.

  • Kvak

    Have you watched brooklyn 99?

  • marley92282

    This is bizarre, P&R and Malcolm are my all-time favorite shows, and Schitt’s Creek *seems* like it’s amazing but I can’t really know that for sure since I’ve never watched a single second of it.

    • finn

      schitt’s creek is great!! i didn’t love it at first but it quickly gets really good :D

  • Ryan Fletcher
    Ryan Fletcher

    the best way to describe the big bang theory: 12 year old me: this is the best show ever 16 year old me: aha that was pretty funny i guess 21 year old me: .......ok

  • red lemon boy
    red lemon boy

    Young sheldon is really boring. It needs a laugh track

    • Uigrahp

      @Snoop Dogg The Certified G this is a joke right

    • Snoop Dogg The Certified G
      Snoop Dogg The Certified G

      @Uigrahp this is a joke right

    • Uigrahp

      @Snoop Dogg The Certified G this is a joke right

    • Snoop Dogg The Certified G
      Snoop Dogg The Certified G

      this is a joke right

  • House Plant
    House Plant

    I like the big bang theory, but i think the laugh track hurts it alot as they just put it over them doing normal things... But like nerds. It also doesn't fully understand nerd culture (in my opinion) it could work better if they where portrayed as the outcasts of the outcasts, but whatever, I enjoyed myself

    • Snoop Dogg The Certified G
      Snoop Dogg The Certified G

      nerds aren't even outcasts at all anymore in real life

  • iceturtle 1025
    iceturtle 1025

    No Always Sunny?

  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q

    I’ve hated laugh tracks my entire life. I guess I was a deep thinker when I was a kid? because I pretty quickly became aware of laugh tracks trying to manipulate you into laughing and thinking whatever it was was funny. WandaVision had many issues later on in the series but the early deconstruction of the laugh track was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.


    You should watch psych

  • Nick R
    Nick R

    I need so much more like Silicon Valley and Barry

  • *****

    park n rec is the best show ever

  • Cody O.
    Cody O.

    I'm rather surprised HIMYM was so low, since they film it like a single cam show and then air it for a live audience. But after thinking about it, the show does often like to engage in long set ups to the punch lines.

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    The only good thing about the Big Bang theory is how deep of a character Sheldon cooper is. Honestly one of the best, most complex sitcom characters ever.

  • jokefaceloser

    Schitts Creek definatly doesnt go for the nonstop punches

  • Maddy DeLano
    Maddy DeLano

    As a child, I would always get peer pressured to laugh when the laugh track came on even if I didn’t find the joke funny

  • Darwin Dark
    Darwin Dark

    He really forgot the Jimmy Fallon show, the show where the host creates the laugh track with his mouth.

    • Darwin Dark
      Darwin Dark

      @eh - I mean yeah but when he does it every interview lol

    • eh -
      eh -

      it's not easy to keep a conversation going on in front of a live audience. Not every guest he has will will be funny. He sometimes has to do that, to make the conversation maybe less boring.

  • stinkhole elohknits
    stinkhole elohknits

    The big bang theory was never that funny. The laugh tracks added to it's misery. I tried so many times to enjoy this show but I just couldn't find any comedy in it. It sucks bad. Sorry for hurting some of the fans' feelings.

  • I Stole Your Cookies
    I Stole Your Cookies

    The Office and Parks and Rec is the shiz :,) bacon; that's what she said; lik3 if you get these phrases.

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young

    Comparing "the big bang theory" to "Smash Mouth" is an insult to "Smash Mouth"

    • Elijah Ford
      Elijah Ford

      Smash Mouth had one of the biggest memes of all time, whereas I can't think of a single Big Bang Theory meme (if one does exist, hardly anyone has thought of it since 2012). Set point and match.

  • Gwynbleidd Zireael
    Gwynbleidd Zireael

    It’s always sunny in philadelphia is the funniest show

  • Bob

    I couldn't finish parks and rec cause Lesley is SO annoying

  • Jake Greene
    Jake Greene

    Hey drew you should watch community

  • babygibbyyoda

    Idk if it’s a good way of looking at sitcoms this way but, I like looking at sitcoms and the laugh track as a theatre productions that has much longer life than a regular play and the laugh track was like being a part of the audience that are enjoying what you are.

  • sk84lafs

    goddamn you guys have been shitting on Friends hard in the past couple years. it may not be cutting edge now, but if you get out the generation of sitcoms that came before, Friends looks like a fucking masterpiece. Its definitely better written than How I Met/BigBang and surely feels more earnest in its story telling.

  • Latss Tecass
    Latss Tecass

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  • Were you right?
    Were you right?

    I'm not bothered by laugh tracks. It's thier project, they pay for it.. personally I hardly notice them because my mind is loud. To each thier own I suppose. Appreciate and love you all. 🤟🏻

  • Jessica Jensen
    Jessica Jensen

    Zac was the best character in big bang hands down

  • Christopher

    just for the amount of work put into this, u got my like g 😂

  • Grace T
    Grace T

    i think we're really in the era of Prestige Television right now. the most popular/well regarded shows are so much tighter and more deliberately plotted than the really long running series that have ended recently. like even the good place, which could easily have had 7+ series like mike schur's other shows was voluntarily ended after 4, and seemed much more strongly intentioned in terms of whole series direction.

    • Grace T
      Grace T

      it's interesting to see how this compares to the sort of films big studios are putting out at the moment, which seem to be mostly adaptations and sequels and franchise stuff

  • olivia b
    olivia b

    you need to watch hollywood on netflix

  • Cheese 2000
    Cheese 2000

    I totally forgot laugh tracks were even a thing until now

  • Elite Management, Inc.
    Elite Management, Inc.

    14:10 same exact thing with Kevin can wait with Leah Rimini and Kevin James

  • Elite Management, Inc.
    Elite Management, Inc.

    9:35 flawed experiment your perception of what a joke is is skewed because you were high off sharpies

  • Edward Spaghedward
    Edward Spaghedward

    The way he talks about the Leslie scene was so beautiful lol

  • TyRaven67

    I heard once that laugh tracks were really old recorded audio of people laughing. So the conclusion i came to was now everytime I here them, its just laughter from the dead.

  • C G
    C G

    big bang theory is the worst thing ever made

  • John

    Seinfeld is still hilarious even with the laugh tracks

  • The V Player
    The V Player

    Personally I loved the Big Bang Theory and it is one of my favorite shows ever.

  • shocktipuss_

    can you do a review on the sitcom "the middle" ? I really like and I think you will to.

  • C Luke
    C Luke

    Your show/movie analyses are honestly really good. You should reach out to the guys on Sardonicast and see if you could be a guest on an episode (or two)

  • Freesmart

    "I brought Chinese" "And I brought Indian" Funny

    • Pasan De Silva
      Pasan De Silva

      Last 3-4 seasons of tbbt was unnecessary and felt dragged to me. I was laughing lesser and lesser. Compared to first 3 seasons, the latter were merely a shed of it.

  • Gabe Levy
    Gabe Levy

    plz make more videos like this

  • Mickey

    I’ve never noticed that he was wearing Eddy Burback’s merch in this video and that is so cute to me.

  • Laura S
    Laura S

    I seriously never understood how so many people loved/love The Big Bang Theory. I categorically detest it. If you live in the UK, I'm pretty sure the channel E4 doesn't show anything other than reruns of this sh*t.

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions

    I dunno if you’ll see this but as someone who used to watch a lot of Big Bang Theory: the episodes don’t work by themselves. It isn’t a show that’s funny if you only have the context of a couple episodes. The reason there’s so much lore around it is that you have to be invested in the entire story and watching it regularly for it to be enjoyable.

  • Global00Vintage

    I"ve tried watching Schitt's Creek over and over again, especially since many of my friends tell me it's one of the funniest shows they've ever watched. I just don't get it. I can't even get through episode one, and I absolutely love those actors. There are some heavy hitters on the show, and yet I hardly laughed at all. My biggest issue is I'm still not sure what it is we are laughing at: Are we commiserating with their bad times? Even if we aren't rich we can all relate to being down on our luck. Is the joke their newly minted fish out of water status? They aren't just rich folk suddenly poor folk, but also city folk now turned country folk. It's an old trope--see Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, etc--so how does one make it fresh? It smacks hollow especially for people who have lived in both the city and the esoteric idea of " the country." In this show both peoples are seemingly disingenuous stereotypes of the most extreme characters from those settings. The rich, sophisticated city slickers--too out of touch to understand the "real world"--against the obviously much dumber, and less sophisticated country hicks--too stupid to understand the fast pace of city living. Yawn. Five bucks who ends up "winning" at the end. I don't know. This is what I gleaned from the first episode, so perhaps I should give it a chance. I'm perfectly willing to, if I could just get through the first episode!

  • Leonie Müller
    Leonie Müller

    I love how much effort you put in your videos

  • Gfdg Nbcff
    Gfdg Nbcff

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  • Azidoazide Azide
    Azidoazide Azide

    What? You didn't get to finish watching Malcolm in the Middle until high School? What the hell man!!!

  • Rosie

    I’m about to watch Parks and Rec for the third time THANKS TO DREW

  • Rosie

    I really think you should watch Schitt’s Creek in its entirety. The characters do “blend” in some stereotypical ways, but the character development is **chef’s kiss**

  • Shawn Bliss
    Shawn Bliss

    Parks and rec with a laugh track is weird

  • Conroads Dev
    Conroads Dev


  • Nabzarella Dare
    Nabzarella Dare

    Yes! Malcolm in the Middle would absolutely be ruined by a laugh track, so thankful they opted not to have one; despite canned laughter being quite the norm at the time.

  • Ellelis Parrott
    Ellelis Parrott

    Drew always cures my boredom

  • drew

    but how will i know when to laugh

  • Loreto O
    Loreto O

    my mom loves tbbt and i just.....

  • Sarah 123
    Sarah 123

    I’m REALLY hoping you went back and watched Schitts Creek at some point and realized just how wrong you were

  • S

    I agree with what you had to say about Francis in Malcom in The Middle (one of my favorites from my childhood).

  • Abby

    I absolutely hate tbbt, but young sheldon is one of my favorite shows. It’s in second place, with malcolm in the middle in first.

  • K. M.
    K. M.

    In a way, reaction videos are sometimes like laugh tracks, the original point was to feel like you’re laughing along with someone else, and that’s what I like when I watch someone watch what I like lmao.

  • K. M.
    K. M.

    My favorite remains M*A*S*H* though I did appreciate that the writers pushed to not have laugh tracks during operation scenes

  • Lina Lavarello
    Lina Lavarello

    You should watch "Please like me" its an australian sitcom, its on Netflix