The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
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5 stars.


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  • 111 111
    111 111

    These comments are gonna be crazy as fuck until you pin one. I think that you shouldn't pin one just to piss everyone off this time.

    • Lieutenant S
      Lieutenant S

      phat L

    • Dirt road
      Dirt road

      Corn flakes

    • Reese

      @Animoo no I didn't

    • Karla Rao
      Karla Rao


    • Rachael

      Your strategy worked

  • Aisling Beausang
    Aisling Beausang

    I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again

  • PapaSnake


  • Cree8Ball

    I thought it was monkey plane

  • Mr. Raccoon
    Mr. Raccoon


  • Alan Ramsay
    Alan Ramsay

    Me remembering the plane crash scene in The Rescue, that whole movie is epic.

  • Kayla Jay
    Kayla Jay

    Love these commercials 😂❤️

  • rat in a trenchcoat
    rat in a trenchcoat

    why does it look like drew has a tattoo on his right arm in the advert?

  • Maartje Goede
    Maartje Goede

    I feel like Drew is a reincarnate man from the fifties who can finally swear and teach us about how insane the '20 are

  • GhettoLion king
    GhettoLion king

    the finger in the mouth thing actually works .. you have to grab the cheek from the inside and pull in the opposite direction ... only pull after your fingers are settled outside of teeth and rest next to gums.. it will feel like having your face ripped off and you lose control. I was super disrespectful to my mom once when I was 16 and tried to walk away from her.. lets just say it works lmao 🤣

  • Aram Parnagian
    Aram Parnagian

    The only reason I click on this video was because of edge

  • Rafał Brzeziński
    Rafał Brzeziński

    This might as well have been released straight-to-supermarket-dollar-DVD-bin.

  • ARC Hunga bunga
    ARC Hunga bunga


  • Jolfer 13
    Jolfer 13

    Kelsey Grammer kills it

  • Cabbag07

    acting in that movie mustve been the funnest shit

  • Alis Grant
    Alis Grant

    Bro why did Drew's ad make me DIE that shit was hilarious 😂

  • Jack Akimbo
    Jack Akimbo

    I can't tell if I've been blessed or cursed by hearing Frasier Crane say "I'm the baddest motherfucker on the planet"

  • Daniel Zerich
    Daniel Zerich

    Money plane money plane money plane dude f*&#ing an alligator money plane LMFAO XD *dead*

  • 111highgh


  • Swiftly Several
    Swiftly Several

    *dude fucking an alligator*

  • Halston Havard
    Halston Havard

    he was trying to fishhook the guy putting the finger in his mouth, it’s an old dirty fighting technique to rip off the mans cheek

  • Shinkai Atusya
    Shinkai Atusya

    Would time spent would be watching Kaiji.

  • IV

    You know I just realized who this person was are the mom was it was Denise Richards from real housewives and that's why we never saw her again it's because she was in this awful movie

  • Tyler Toney
    Tyler Toney


  • Johnson Jame
    Johnson Jame

    The random mini cuts where it says something funny is good

  • Johnson Jame
    Johnson Jame

    This is good editing

  • 111highgh

    A dude fucking an alligator all over my face. What is a boy to do? Goodnight, money plane, we love you!

  • P M
    P M

    Andrew don't interrupt

  • tesco

    Imagine seeing edge in this movie. I still love him

  • Iris Soya
    Iris Soya

    I luv Drew stuff about bad movies.

  • jorge alan
    jorge alan

    3:09 made me spit my coffee

  • 111highgh

    The best is @1:58. The second best part is @3:04.

  • 111highgh

    A dude fucking an alligator!

  • Alexis Michelle
    Alexis Michelle

    No fair. I wish drew pinned my comment 😡

  • Alec Douglas
    Alec Douglas

    I’ve never seen Art Museum in a role better than this, truly one of his most iconic parts

  • Anthony Salvino
    Anthony Salvino

    Whenever I see the main character on screen I can't help but see Rhett from Rhett and Link, and suddenly the movie becomes so much funnier to me.

  • taffy time
    taffy time

    This looks like threat level midnights forgotten sequel

  • etek

    I've probably watched this video 10 times, and just now realized.. as dumb as it sounds, I think Mr. Magillacutty is betting on if he can *finish watching the video...* That's why she keeps reading off numbers at that one part and how he keeps winning. And it's also sort of mentioned when he radios the cockpit saying he's sick of *watching* disgusting bets...

  • Karla Rao
    Karla Rao

    Loved the ad read

  • Dylan Johnson
    Dylan Johnson

    This reminds me of velocipastor

  • eti watson
    eti watson

    I really thought that one guy screaming in the thumbnail was the principal from ferris bueller

  • Princess Sunbutt
    Princess Sunbutt

    Drew, if you're going to insist on filming at night please turn the exposure up so we can see what's going on.

  • AtomicAnt

    2:00 as a Floridian I can confirm that this is probably true

  • Teddy Carns
    Teddy Carns

    3 mil :)

  • TheNative

    Who the hell would read this script and think 🤔 this could be my big break. No 🤣😂

  • David Lim
    David Lim

    Did you notice after Isabella stabbed that creep in the stomach and all that blood came out, after she grabs a bottle to stab his head, his shirt is all clean? Lol

  • Alec

    5:17 "I CAN'T LOSE!" *BAM*

  • Cropsey741

    I'm just happy to see Edge

  • Aussie Aussie
    Aussie Aussie

    Not the old Christy North trick

  • psychoticmortacarn

    This was definitely a gig where everybody paid for their own flight

  • green tea 23
    green tea 23

    Is the co pilot Mr. Rooney from ferris bueller?

  • Marisol watkins
    Marisol watkins

    2:06 its the not cleaning your screen for me

  • Luke Wood
    Luke Wood

    I like the idea that Edge finished shooting this and decided he'd rather risk breaking his neck in a wrestling ring than do more movies like this

  • PeevishPolonium

    I enjoyed the movie Money Train though

  • Squidward's Ass Cheeks
    Squidward's Ass Cheeks

    I even recognize that tablet is a $60 RCA tablet. Talk about budget cuts.

  • Tech-San

    0:52 or that one car by Ford

  • Vinicius Rabello
    Vinicius Rabello

    that last skit was awesome, your ads are worth watching

  • Stone S
    Stone S

    When I think 'Frasier' I also only specifically think 'Scarface'. As well as "isn't his daughter Summer on Rick and Morty?"

  • Viccolas Vic
    Viccolas Vic

    the finger in the mouth is called fishhooking it's hard to get out of.

  • Joe B.
    Joe B.

    i got 20 on the alligator

  • Ian Nikkel
    Ian Nikkel

    There's a reason Edge is called the Rated R Superstar!

  • OwensaGeek 11
    OwensaGeek 11

    holy shit

  • Gab Diamond
    Gab Diamond

    I saw edge in the thumbnail and was intrigued

  • sidneyhayeshill

    The ad read was gold

  • star sparks
    star sparks

    The "or Florida" is _so_ much funnier when you remember he's from Florida.

  • NinjaBuns7

    Drinks Gentlemen? ; Gets Falcon Punched One, of The best Moments of the Movie

  • Dachi

    money palenr

  • Nicoleta Ionica
    Nicoleta Ionica

    Poor edge.

  • Cody Khaos
    Cody Khaos

    Theres nothing scarier than a big muscular tough guy with a manbun...

  • Rachel the Great-chel
    Rachel the Great-chel

    I feel like the fact that the protagonist of this movie supposedly sexually exploited a large amount of people was kinda overlooked

  • Decafpoem

    This is The show Money Heist but bad and a movie and in English

  • wii remote
    wii remote

    stuff plan

  • Davi Villano
    Davi Villano

    Nice, I know what my next report is going to be about!

  • Davi Villano
    Davi Villano

    I'd kill to have you and john mulaney collab


    I love your skits, Drew

  • Tears of Boredom
    Tears of Boredom

    I've seen this somewhere and I feel like my brain tried to block the memory

  • TenTonNuke

    Maybe I missed it because I didn't see the movie, but why did he knock out the pilot if he was just going to continue flying the plane?

  • Call me Plussy
    Call me Plussy

    I knew that was edge

  • Sydney Dubs
    Sydney Dubs

    ✨I wouldn’t be surprised if we never saw Denise Richards again✨

  • Kalob Hunt
    Kalob Hunt

    Dude fucking an alligator?? Sounds like a Saturday night to me.

  • Vault of the Future
    Vault of the Future

    Next time I get pulled over I’m gonna use that line about rules being fucked

  • Funguy-YT

    Watch snakes on a plane!

  • supOfunk

    Not former wrestler. Edge just had a match at wrestlemania!

  • Cyrus Doom
    Cyrus Doom

    14:14, is NO ONE gonna talk about: Teacher: "alright, i'm giving you an F." Drew: "F##K YOU, YOU F#####G B###H." Teacher: "Ugh, g-go to the p-principle's office" Drew: "OK, FINE >=(", That's got to be the borderline funniest thing I've ever heard ever

  • Annah

    I CANT LOSE immediately dies

  • Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
    Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago

    sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦

  • Joms Olsen
    Joms Olsen


  • monokuma

    dude fucking an aligator

  • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    Strong Fraiser

  • A Caterpillar giving birth
    A Caterpillar giving birth

    I watched the whole video (not the movie, I don't have time) and I don't understand. What is this about ? People dying on a plane ? All I remember is "Rules are meant to be _fucked"_

  • Theodore Smith
    Theodore Smith

    Sometimes I come back and rewatch this video just for the sponsored sketch at the end

  • sarah zampella
    sarah zampella

    i have super sensitive eyes so yes, i actually would like if you posted all your videos with the exposure down LMFAO

  • Jasper

    the hey guy bit is just lmfoa i fucking love u thats so funny

  • Theoc442

    Money plane is not just a movie, it is a life style.

  • Madison Braman
    Madison Braman

    He put his finger in his mouth to fish hook him... super painful when done correctly

  • thenipplerenaissance

    why would u chop off arms for free

  • Disturbed Demons
    Disturbed Demons

    I've never understood how former wrestlers - who's body of work as wrestlers includes the need to ACT as their wrestling persona - end up getting cast in terrible movies like these Is it a requirement for them to start off in terrible movies and make their way up to staring roles - like how wrestlers start at the bottom of the card and work their way up to main event? Probably me overthinking it, as usual 🙃

    • Noh Buddy
      Noh Buddy

      Most actors have to start off in small roles anyway

  • Tre¥sosagang£

    : Hey you can't be down here : Rules were meant to be fucked : Okay yeah I'm calling the cops

  • Raymond Wirrell
    Raymond Wirrell

    Money plane Money plane Money plane Money plane Dude fuckin an alligator Money plane

  • gs l-_-l
    gs l-_-l

    idk if the add was funny just because he started to curse, but dam I'm going to get express VPN