My New Favorite Bad Movie
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  • Hey look its Mollie
    Hey look its Mollie

    Ho t dobg

    • The First Disciple
      The First Disciple

      thnak you

    • str3wb3r1


    • Davis

      fr bro‼️

    • carmen

      @IAmW0rm guyui

    • BrianTheSixth


  • Nivit Mishra
    Nivit Mishra

    You know a movie is bad when even Steve Carrel can't save it

  • sour b
    sour b

    is no one gonna talk about how they painted their toe nails with white out..?

  • gwab

    11:15 skateboard 😍😍 shoe 😍😍😍 _why_ 🙁

  • Qudhdhcgyd

    Getting a partner in middle-school was like entering a pact with someone to cuddle too much in public.

  • I eat knees
    I eat knees

    I once heard one of my teacher’s talking to another teacher about what they’re gonna do later… I think you can put together what it was.

  • Elmo The destroyer of world’s
    Elmo The destroyer of world’s

    wait is that sams mom form icarly

  • Mudinabowl

    ok but let’s be honest would they all pick celery over a brownie obviously they’re better for you and stuff but most people if given the choice would pick brownie

  • Mudinabowl

    yes instead it was when i was 12 and the movie is Paul Blart

  • SaintInix

    The fuck? River? I can't believe Summer Glau was in this.


    15:37 ah man😭😭😂😂😂

  • Raeex

    Me: Watching Sleepover for free on ISnets with ads Netflix a week after: We're just gonna add this, no problemo Also me: F&#@!!!!!

  • John O
    John O


  • Skinny Lil Bill
    Skinny Lil Bill

    Jesus died for our sins

  • Skinny Lil Bill
    Skinny Lil Bill

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Grace Battle
    Grace Battle

    I’m watching this in the last day of middle school.😶

  • Liz C
    Liz C

    13:12 Holy moly, that's River Tam!

  • Antony slaughter
    Antony slaughter

    No one mentioning the ticket girl is summer from Firefly

  • Renata

    9:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman

    As someone who is named Jun, I felt so uncomfortable watching this.

  • Blimp

    Okay but choosing a brownie over a stick of celery is the correct choice, fight me.

  • Derpy Shark
    Derpy Shark

    Why does one my teachers look exactly like the teacher in this movie

  • Daniel Hodgins
    Daniel Hodgins

    Is that Summer Glau?

  • Melissa Talk
    Melissa Talk

    S is a letter, and m is one too. I love them both, so I'm really screwed.

  • colorbar.s

    The whole character of Yancy and all the characters like her definitely messed a lot of kids up.

  • colorbar.s

    not surprised the 1 girl they left out of the cover is the one that's not skinny. what the hell dude.

  • colorbar.s

    jesus christ this movie is so casually fatphobic, it's hella gross

  • Death

    I randomly watch this movie 😂 yesterday it made hated her and that dam spy kid reference with the tree house Steve was the best

  • cellophanezebra

    12:41 Fallout 1-2-NewVegas speech checks:

  • DocileRoadmaster

    I mean….they made their budget back

  • DocileRoadmaster

    You forgot to mention miss aquamarine herself

  • Lovely Scrub Gaming
    Lovely Scrub Gaming

    OMG the "You stupid piece of shit" then leaning in for a kiss part made me laugh like a lunatic. I spit all over my computer screen and my eyes burned from all the tears

  • Jaon Luttrell
    Jaon Luttrell

    13:12 "I can kill you with my brain"

  • Dark Shiny
    Dark Shiny

    When u find Nancy’s love interest is Bryce Walker....

  • Shai Guy
    Shai Guy

    Why is it called Sleepover?

  • Gator Productions
    Gator Productions

    9:11 why doesnt the one tick move

  • Gator Productions
    Gator Productions

    I wish Steve Carell had more than the office as a big roll

  • ramona's shit show
    ramona's shit show

    2 worst scenes, when she was literally spying on him naked and when they made out seriously, so disgusting

  • nora_the_explorer

    Why the hell are they painting their nails with white out??

  • Tony Bishop
    Tony Bishop

    Ny creep sensors are going off crazy watching this

  • nohsara

    anyone else think the mean girl looks like a younger Aquamarine Edit: Okay im 100% sure that's aquamarine but i refuse to look up the imdb page for this movie

  • fangirl1223

    "everyone hates me long hair" Me: *likes the long hair*

  • Renee

    imagine roasting your adult English teacher for having read too many books lmao

  • Lola Cheatham
    Lola Cheatham

    I did background for this movie! You can see me dancing behind Julie and the girls at the dance, blue shirt, shell necklace, Princess Leia buns. Fun Facts: The scenes where homegirl is skateboarding, the stunt double wore a prosthetic mask to look like her...only it was more Planet of the Apes than teenage girl. Haunting. Also the band at the end is Allister, super chill dudes. And Julie's big brother was also in Jungle 2 Jungle, another Disney...classic? 10 million well spent, I would say. 😉👌

  • Probably Alan
    Probably Alan

    Are we just going to ignore how realistic the car crash looked

  • MrRhysReviews

    Not gonna lie, I also got Sleepover in my recommendations and thought "Hey, it's that girl from Spy Kids" and proceeded to watch it and honestly it was okay 🤔 Plus it has Scout Taylor Compton who I feel in love with when I saw her as Laurie Strode in the Rob Zombie Halloween as a teen and that one blonde chick (the "mean" one) I also know from something else not to mention of course Steve Carell and Jane Lynch etc. etc. 🤣

  • dorlo gfleshan
    dorlo gfleshan

    4:45 that is the dad on the goldbergs

  • Caitlyn Ford
    Caitlyn Ford


  • Caitlyn Ford
    Caitlyn Ford

    I fully love this movie. I don’t care if it’s a SUPER dumb kids movie. It just makes me feel happy. Even though it’s completely unrealistic and not like anything any kid does and the fact that an 8th grader ends up with a high schooler of an un specified grade, but he wins prom king so probably not a freshman, is super weird. But it reminds me of being a middle schooler/ young teenager. And what u wish ur life was like at 14. Watching his reactions was amazing and only made me love the movie more😂😂

  • Edward Brandenburg
    Edward Brandenburg

    Wow. This movie is creepy as hell.

  • addie m
    addie m

    i used to watch this movie like 5 times a week

  • Max Schaefer
    Max Schaefer

    1:36 I love watching this stereotype so much because today was my last day of school and seeing how different the movie interpretation is from reality is just hilarious to me

  • Alanna Porter
    Alanna Porter

    Drew I’ve recently discovered you and you never fail to make me laugh. You = King

  • Remington

    10:30 I don’t think you understand man. She wasn’t only riding a skateboard in a dress and makeup at night. She was also doing random tricks. ALL IN BARE FEET Sk8r boys can’t resist that level of gnar

  • Alex

    3:01 Luther?

  • Danny Clifton
    Danny Clifton

    Watching 6:32 on June 3rd kinda tripped me out a bit not gonna lie.

  • Taylor Winterhalder
    Taylor Winterhalder

    Ace of spades

  • Hailie Nichols
    Hailie Nichols

    The only reason I watched this for Evan Peters lol

  • Matthew Assefa
    Matthew Assefa

    I drove at birf

  • Dyspholia

    It’s so weird seeing Evan peters on screen not murdering someone 👍

  • cowsparks

    omg i watched this movie at a sleepover once in like 2011 because my friends mom wouldnt let us watch mean girls

  • JZ MC
    JZ MC

    its june 3rd as i watch this wtf

  • ronan hawley
    ronan hawley

    NGL for some reason i thought the guy who played Steve was Matpat

  • Neocidic

    Honestly I’m proud that my main personality attribute is DAVE. It’s just my defining feature

  • A S
    A S

    12:44 Summer Glau??

  • Mudawi

    Wtf is this 😭

  • Jack Hogerhuis
    Jack Hogerhuis

    at 4:58... is she painting her nails with wite-out? that’s not a thing ppl do, right?

  • monsieur Nugget
    monsieur Nugget

    Why does yancys boyfriend look like alternate universe bill hader

  • WB

    subtitles: (upbeat romantic music)

  • Ruler World
    Ruler World

    Kinda cringe that you put Steve Carell in the thumbnail and then he ended up in the video for less than 10 seconds

  • Elie Altgold
    Elie Altgold

    In high school it was better to sit near a trash can so you don’t have to walk as much. It’s all about efficiency,

  • Erica Levinson
    Erica Levinson

    I loved this movie as a kid

  • emma w.
    emma w.

    why was she painting her nails with white-out...

  • Avery Harrell
    Avery Harrell

    Oddly specific into love

  • Kiersten polvado
    Kiersten polvado

    why would they laugh and stare at her dads crack...

  • Chris P. Lettuce
    Chris P. Lettuce

    "wanna watch die hard? Switch to German" The hard

  • Abbie Harrison
    Abbie Harrison

    okay I had this on dvd as a kid and truly loved it

  • Sunny Vernon
    Sunny Vernon

    Why is the movie suggested after this video lmao

  • onion man
    onion man

    i think the funniest part about this is that it was *recommended* to him

  • tentinybees

    christ this movie was buried in my memories thank you for digging it out and reminding me why i buried it in the first place 💖

  • Juliette Collinson
    Juliette Collinson

    This is the first time I’ve watched one of your videos, and I am CRACKING UP you are hilarious!!

  • Juliette Collinson
    Juliette Collinson

    waCKY guY 😂😂😂

  • Sophia Coats-Clemans
    Sophia Coats-Clemans

    sorry how did we brush over the fact they were using wite-out as nail polish???

  • J Alexander
    J Alexander

    why does she look like American Tracy Beaker I'm gonna cry

  • Justin Gollnick
    Justin Gollnick

    Is no one mentioning the bone stock mint condition Nissan 350z at 3:17

  • Cian Griffin
    Cian Griffin

    bro why was that first part so relatable

  • Montalvo Sánchez Anthony
    Montalvo Sánchez Anthony

    ok but how is nobody talking about how Peter looks like an aged down Bill Hader wearing a fat suit

  • Forty McMeme
    Forty McMeme

    imma go hotdog

  • Daniel Mathew
    Daniel Mathew

    12:11 How did he edit that so well?

  • Roza Atac
    Roza Atac

    after watching this vid I had to watch the movie. And WOW, just wow. It is a comedic masterpiece, idgaf if they know how bad it is or not, regardless it's hilarious. I haven't laughed this hard in a while, 10/10 would recommend

  • GingeSwagTia

    I am very angry the only reason why I clicked on this video was to see some Steve Carell and all I got was 5 seconds. I wasted 19 minutes of my life on this shit.

  • Noah Benson
    Noah Benson

    2:39 Halloween Town?

  • Adam Gardiner
    Adam Gardiner

    Yeah, but Summer Glau.

  • Spider

    6:01 why did that "NOW" sound like Owen Wilson?

  • bezalel avrhamy
    bezalel avrhamy


  • Jo Daddee
    Jo Daddee

    Hey you reading this, this dumb movie is free to watch on youtube ;)

  • Quiche Good
    Quiche Good

    I watched this movie about a dozen times when I was younger. Now that I've grown up, it's wild to recognize that Brie Larson, Steve Carell, and Summer Glau were all in this movie. Conversely: when I saw Evan Peters in AHS: Murder House, my mind went "that's that one guy from Sleepover!"

  • Moza G Smith
    Moza G Smith

    I think it's reasonable to think that the high schoolers wouldn't immediately bolt for it. When I was in high school we would hang back for ours because if you're not in classes then it's just a hang out spot

  • Mcdonalds King
    Mcdonalds King

    yall know steve carrell is gru's voice actor

  • LLogicc

    Thumbnail click bait i thought i was gonna see danny gonzalez talk about mall cop good goin dr- i mean danny!