Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone
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  • Duru Mutlu
    Duru Mutlu

    Convenience do be convenient

  • marshmellok

    Also, don't know if anyone will see this, but... There are smaller sized delivery app/companies that specialize in deliveries in specific states that have more competitive pricing. I work for one and in actually an "employee" instead of an independent contractor. I actually make pretty decent money on it, but, I do have to trade flexibility for the good money.

  • Dejan Ratkovic
    Dejan Ratkovic

    I dont know if there is Glovo app in America, but they are pretty good, they have coupones when you share with friends and even when you oreder from closed restaurant, they send you few apology euros

  • fizzy

    as a doordash and grubhub driver, you have literally said everything I've felt this entire year working in delivery. lousy communication, low wages/tips, horrible customer service... fantastic video

  • Mari C.
    Mari C.

    Lol I also use Lyft but just say that I took an uber

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    My basement is full of dead uber eats drivers, but they all deserved it

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    I lure uber eats drivers to my house just to kill them because they do not deserve life

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    they can never ever get the order right or on time and sometimes just don't even show up

  • Carlos Nieto
    Carlos Nieto

    dont cash tip. drivers dont know youre planing to do it and wont accept your order. your food will be cold

  • SaintInix

    I feel like I'm slowly watching your entire ISnets channel. Despite my snarky remarks, It's good stuff.

  • Torago Flint
    Torago Flint

    Restaurant profits are not thin. I own a delivery service and a ghost kitchen. I’m living well.

  • Maximillian

    Fast food restaurants usually only go through Uber Eats or services like that, so I understand why people don't really have a choice but to order through them, but I will never understand why people don't simply pick up the phone and place an order over the phone for delivery to a local place.

  • John Jonathon
    John Jonathon

    Didn't know they fucked over the restaurants that badly. A grubHub driver told me straight up to never tip because he said drivers don't ever get the tip. Ill drive myself or dine in from now on.

  • nmarkert01


  • nmarkert01

    I typically use the app to find restaurants nearby and then just order through them directly or do a pickup if they don’t have online ordering and minimize the damage.

  • Nicebadalex 0.5
    Nicebadalex 0.5

    My default delivery word is Uber because of the volume of Uber orders we get at the McDonald’s I work at.

  • Destiny Nanney
    Destiny Nanney

    I say no more stupid fees you get a small fee that pays for the gas thats it 😂👋

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith

    wait so delivery app charges the buyer for the service and takes a commission per item from the business , theyre double dipping profits ....

  • Adam Brooks
    Adam Brooks

    I think the problem isn't the apps or services is the cap of greed that would rather screw everyone to make money and they still fail

  • Plaximus

    Funny how there’s a DoorDash ad on this video Lmaoo

  • Nerd Booklet
    Nerd Booklet

    Wait so he trashes delivery apps and I opened this video with an ad for DoorDash 😂 (which has screwed me over in the past)

  • Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris

    I did doordash a while back before covid and hardly made any money on it, except on one day where I got lucky and picked up a large party order (I had to do two trips of like 10 bags of food) from a local mexican restaurant and delivered it to a literal mansion (rancho santa fe) that was having a birthday party and the mom gave me a 20 dollar cash tip on top of the max amount of tip you can give in the app which I think was like 10 dollars or something so I made a total of 100 just on that one order but unfortunately that's pretty rare and in a big city like san diego I was having to drive for really long periods of time all over the city because you have to take a highway to get everywhere which really ate into my gas so basically any money I made on there just paid for my gas so now when I see the new door dash ads where they're like "I make SO much money working doordash!" I get so pissed off

  • SomeGuy.with.a.Beard

    My first experience with Postmates was being sent to a store that had been closed for an hour... after I paid for parking in downtown Charleston and had to walk 2 blocks. I shut the app down and turned Lyft back on. I’d rather deal with weirdos than deliver food.

  • Nate Blair
    Nate Blair

    That’s why u gotta finesse em

  • Harry Hammer Vlogs
    Harry Hammer Vlogs

    opinions are like assholes....everyone has them

  • Logan Blunk
    Logan Blunk

    i use "uber" as the verb when talking about food delivery. "i will uber some five guys"

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat

    3:20 There's the rub, there. Lower profits with much more revenue tends to be better than high profits with much lower revenue...this is how Walmart operates and they're the most successful retailer in the US. So these companies can't have their cake and eat it to: unless they want to shut down their delivery tablet, they have to accept those fees. If it doesn't add up to higher profits, than that's the right move. The truth is, it DOES add up, that's why so many businesses continue to sign up with companies like Uber. And even if they don't, these couriers have prepaid cards that can be used to place orders for pickup. So unless a place is dine-in only, they can still get orders from these apps, it's just a much less streamlined process.

  • Small afro fan
    Small afro fan

    Who else got a Doordash ad

  • Sanam Abdulsalam
    Sanam Abdulsalam

    Can u plsssss make more rich peoples bad taste videos... I luv them😭

  • That bloody spy
    That bloody spy

    Pfft. Who needs door dash when I got breakfast sandwiches and gogurt

  • the upside down brick
    the upside down brick

    i got a doordash ad on this video

  • Shawn Molver
    Shawn Molver

    This is why I love Just Eat. Idk if they have them in the US but here in the UK, they make it easy to order for FREE for MOST places obviously the further you live the more it costs. But Uber Eats raked up the price to £4 when it was £2.5

  • Herman Pesina
    Herman Pesina

    I'm not trying to be an elitist or anything I just have never enjoyed a single fast food meal thats made it back home outside of pizza. If I ever use this service it would be when im out of town stuck in a hotel

  • Tomer Erlich
    Tomer Erlich

    The drew Gooden leftist arc

  • Tom Krupa
    Tom Krupa

    Deliveroo here in the U.K. that’s my verb

  • Nova Kane
    Nova Kane

    Don't tip is cash. No one will take your order, because they will assume you aren't tipping. Also you would never make the same money if restaurants had their own drivers. #1 you would only deliver from that restaurant, while doordash has 20-30 restaurants who take orders. #2 you would have to take every order, even the 3 dollars for 14.6 miles that come up ALL THE TIME.

  • I'm not qualified to say this, but
    I'm not qualified to say this, but

    That's why you don't eat.

  • Flame

    Have a...

  • M Del Valle
    M Del Valle

    Technology is about scamming people leaving them no choice.

  • OnlineCitizenTV

    In my SoCal city, DoorDash still takes order from a restaurant which dosen't accept online order for months. Even worse, when they all have useless, out-sourced customer support in India.

  • milli max
    milli max

    no clown suit, disliked

  • Midnight Mike
    Midnight Mike

    Doordash is too expensive. I order a meal that regularly would cost me around 10 bucks is 20+ on Doordash.

    • BossMan1250

      Hmm, and you could go to the grocery store, purchase all the necessary ingredients for that one meal at $5. Go home, cook that same meal, often with better taste and quality, AND have enough of those ingredients remaining to prepare 3 more meals on top of it.

  • Fierce Vinegar
    Fierce Vinegar

    the prices on uber eats uk are usually not much more than the og sites that the places use and they do 20% discounts alot which makes it cheaper

  • Tysia Buchanan
    Tysia Buchanan

    Anyone else get back to back delivery service ads before this video even began? Because me too!

  • Awesomeness 600
    Awesomeness 600

    This is the first drew video I ever saw. Can’t believe I’ve been a little stinker for 1/2 a year

  • curly10808

    I only use Uber and Uber Eats. So I’ll usually say “I’ll Uber there” or “I’m gonna order food”, I don’t really mention the brand when ordering food.

  • bby Bap
    bby Bap

    Those deliveries are only good for people without transportation.. if you have a car, use it

  • Carpenter Ant
    Carpenter Ant

    Gets grub hub add for this video

  • its me alec
    its me alec

    id much rather drive somewhere to get food than use any food delivery service

  • Brandon Loiacono
    Brandon Loiacono

    Hey, if these restaurants offered what these delivery companies did directly, I think they'd do pretty good.

  • Brandon Loiacono
    Brandon Loiacono

    Yup. That $5 shake costed $15 to order.

  • tuj teh stronk
    tuj teh stronk

    I just eat Chinese food

  • nohsara

    Now he should do a video on ghost kitchens

  • nohsara

    I live in a not-the-nicest-ever-neighborhood, and idk if its cuz restaurants are too far away to make the trip worth it for drivers or if something else is happening, but i keep having this problem where if i ever order anything after 9pm, even if the restaurant is open until 10 or 11, Postmates/Uber will give me the name of the person who’s supposedly picking it up, but then just keeps updating the ETA for 1.5-2hrs (sometimes even beyond the restaurants closing time) until the order gets cancelled. And yet I cant cancel it in order to try to cut my losses and maybe make other meal plans bc the app gives no updates or tracking so I never know if it may actually still arrive or not, and you as the customer get charged a fee for cancelling. They did finally add a way to message your driver but I tried messaging the most recent time this happened to try to find out the status of the order and got no response. Also as a sidenote, i used to get delivery with postmates from this soup place i loved (i actually discovered them on postmates and had never been there) when i was in class bc i never ate before coming to campus and i didnt have time between classes to leave and get food. Now that im graduated ive been there in person, and they asked me to order delivery directly through them (which i didnt know they did), because postmates also apparently takes a cut of their profits. Theyre a small business and deliver on bikes so its a small delivery radius, but since i was nearby i didnt even need to deliver with postmates. I will also say that sometimes the restaurant/app blame can go in the opposite direction. My sister does Uber deliveries sometimes and she said that she has had customers give her bad reviews/tips because an item was missing when it arrived. The driver is supposed to contact you if something is missing when theyre at the restaurant, the only problem is they cant really check because most restaurants are sealing their bags closed now.

  • Jonathan

    The app verb we use here in Western Canada is usually "Skip The Dishes."

  • Rancid Prince
    Rancid Prince

    Literally got a grubhub AND a doordash ad before this video lol

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest

    Why is delivery apps so expensive there, where I’m from the food costs the same, the only fee we get is a delivery fee, and there’s tons of promos and discounts

  • Ashley

    Got a doordash ad for this video

  • Mo JustUs
    Mo JustUs

    I don't know if he mentioned this, but the worst is when people rate the restaurant based on the grubhub app/driver a lot of times a review will be 1 star and go on to say how great the food was, but the driver sucked or the app messed how have they not separated the two entities by now?! Just another shitty thing abt these apps.

  • mandy

    Once we ordered food for 3 people and our DoorDash driver somehow only brought us 2 rolls and a straw.

  • Ingólfur Árnason
    Ingólfur Árnason

    One thing about companies being profitable is if they don't make money they don't have to pay taxes. So a lot of the time when a company is losing money on paper they are just doing some accounting magic to make it seem like they are losing money.

  • shitass

    they stole my popeyes :(

  • Abigail Heberle
    Abigail Heberle

    I'm gonna get delivery sounds bes

  • see see
    see see

    Oh a Doordash ad

  • Noah

    I use Shipt for groceries. Had a bad interaction with Instacart and never looked back.

  • Rory Greenawalt
    Rory Greenawalt

    Drew, it's been six months why haven't you pinned a comment?

  • A Poser
    A Poser

    i ordered 3 small basics ass burgers from JacknBox using postmates and i had to pay $35-$40

  • Fred Sanchez
    Fred Sanchez

    Personally I don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt, I just distract myself to think about it a little less

  • Meghan D
    Meghan D

    got a grubhub ad and a doordash ad back to back before this video

  • Shawn Michael
    Shawn Michael

    I drive for doordash and a lot of the problems ur pointing out where doordash or restaurants resolve issues. Usually in my experience if there’s a problem with the order the fault falls on the driver. Doordash the restaurant and the customer usually blame or fault the driver even tho they have little wiggle room to be better.

  • Filmmaking and Stuff
    Filmmaking and Stuff

    As a DoorDash driver, use Uber Eats

  • Lore Banks
    Lore Banks

    I work for doordash but I use ubereats to order food

  • Clicker

    My mon almost spent 71.16 dollars on THREE PEOPLE

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W

    Maybe DoorDash would be more profitable if they didn't spend 200 million on lobbying in California?

  • N.M98

    As someone who is not from the US, this is weird to me… here we pay between 3 to 5 dollars max for delivery and the rest is for your meal.

  • Jenn W
    Jenn W

    I live in Tacoma, WA. Doordash just recently just added another fee: the "Tacoma Fee" (sometimes "Washington Fee") which they say is because the city/state has just imposed limits on the massive profits they are making. I'm about to cancel my Dashpass.

  • Jared Morales
    Jared Morales

    2nd I am watching this video and it’s still interesting lol

  • Little Echo Arts
    Little Echo Arts

    Wanted a $9 bowl from taco bell and it came up to $21 Fuck doordash

  • Elyan Holt
    Elyan Holt

    Bruh the ad I got for this video was doordash

  • Aaron Hulbert
    Aaron Hulbert

    Got a Grubhub ad before this video lol

  • Lily DeLeon
    Lily DeLeon

    i got an ad for a delivery app right before this video 🧍‍♀️

  • star loupè
    star loupè

    Sorry... go pick somethin else up! Haha. New sub.

  • Manuel Lopez
    Manuel Lopez

    i’m watching this as I order food from uber eats

  • Gamerschmitt

    I love watching that little car drive to me!

  • Catastrophic


  • Lindstheteacher

    Just tried it and I regret it already.

  • Helen Alemu
    Helen Alemu

    seamless stays winning!!!!!

  • Sepanta Payghamy
    Sepanta Payghamy

    I “doordash” no matter the app

  • Lily Justman
    Lily Justman

    Actually I always”grub hub”my food

  • E

    Ubereats still doesn't show where delivery, but does show mileage for the order.

  • Russell Ng
    Russell Ng

    When you get a delivery app advertisement on the video

  • bein bean
    bein bean

    uber everything

  • American Bread
    American Bread

    I ordered Mcdungles

  • Moses Agabon
    Moses Agabon

    Multiple restaurant owner here, please go to a restaurants website or call in or maybe order with GrubHub or seamless. Delivery apps literally takes a cut of close to 30% of our sales. And for that we tend to increase the prices of the items on the apps. And drew I Lyft my way around while I also scooter my way around in lyfts and GrubHub my food

  • Hoseok’s verse
    Hoseok’s verse

    My sister ordered from doordash once but the delivery guy got lost so he decided to just keep the food

  • hannah paz
    hannah paz

    i work both doordash and instacart. instacart is so well set up, fair pay (often even hefty pay) safe, insured and convenient. doordash is convenient if you’re hanging with friends at 12-3am and you wanna make 20 bucks. i vowed to never do doordash as income work ever again though, after making 30 in 4 hours and getting 2 cancelled orders. i hate doordash with my whole entire soul. work instacart

  • hannah paz
    hannah paz

    i work both doordash and instacart. instacart is so well set up, fair pay (often even hefty pay) safe, insured and convenient. doordash is convenient if you’re hanging with friends at 12-3am and you wanna make 20 bucks. i vowed to never do doordash as income work ever again though, after making 30 in 4 hours and getting 2 cancelled orders. i hate doordash with my whole entire soul. work instacart

  • Swiftly Several
    Swiftly Several

    DoorDash Order Receipt Half A Piece Of Rice-1.50 Dollars *Quarter A Piece Of Rice-2.50* Total: *50 F**KING DOLLARS*